Dear NFL

Dear NFL,

Like many other NFL fans, I was surprised to find out that running back Darren Sproles found out about the Saints plan to release him via Twitter (and he seems like such a nice guy, too). It’s disappointing that a professional league doesn’t require its teams to have more personal and respectful ways of communicating with their players.


Dear Help Wanted Ads

Dear Help Wanted Ads,

Please post a salary range on job postings! It is imperative to know this information when deciding on employment. I am simply requesting this on behalf of the job seeking community.You know, the more than 10% of people who are going absolutely crazy because of ads that are filled with general terms, non-specific requirements and simply state “DOE” (depends on experience.) I am confident this term really means, “we will accept the lowest bidder.”

I do not want to go to waste time applying for positions that pay minimum wage to poverty levels. Employers do not want to waste time reading applications from candidates who are not interested in internships anymore. Let’s help each other, help ourselves! Or something motivational Jerry Maguiresque.

There are too many people applying to all available jobs right now. Let’s make it a little easier on everyone involved and narrow it down by including pay ranges.


Rachel L. Arbeit