Dear Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

To Whom It May Concern:

I see your firm works with class action suits. While I don’t really understand the law enough to know if this really qualifies – and it probably doesn’t and/or doesn’t appeal to your interest because there’s no monetary compensation the be gotten by this, I’d like to request you consider a suit against “news” websites that post opinion in a misleading matter, where it can be easily mistaken for fact.


Dear Delta

Dear Delta,

Seats that look like they work

Seats that look like they work

You e-mailed to ask how my flight was? Oh, I’ll tell you how my flight was.

It was alright.

It would have been nice, however, if the flight attendants would have actually tried to reset the entertainment units in our row when they said they would.

In-flight entertainment systems provide sanity for cross-country flights, so when the service is lost, it is disappointing. Especially, when it is only lost in the row you are sitting in. This problem was, thankfully, fixed, after repeated requests to have it fixed.

As a former flight attendant, I understand that there is a lot of in-flight work to be done, such as gossiping, wiping down the galley counter a hundred times, reading People magazine and trying not to fall asleep. However, walking through the aisle and maybe seeing if anyone needs you and/or offering water, is sometimes a good way to spend some time.

In order to get the flight attendant’s attention, we had to ring the call bell, which I hate doing cause the ding is annoying and it’s like snapping at the waitress: it’s rude and you shouldn’t have to do it because the person should just kinda be around.

Then, of course, the flight attendant never rebooted and never came back to see if it worked or if anyone wanted anything, just went back to disappear. So we had to hunt down another flight attendant who, thankfully, rolled her eyes and had the lead flight attendant do it.

So we got to see a movie, but not without practically begging.

Our experience was, as usual, disappointing. However, we will likely fly Delta again because you guys fly everywhere and are cheap and we like to fly everywhere and be cheap.

Also, I was the one who booked the tickets for myself and my companion, Chris, on my credit card and you e-mailed me… yet the e-mail read “Dear Christopher.” If you need/prefer his opinion, please have that experience by simply cursing yourself off.

Rachel L. Arbeit