Dear Governor Dayton

Dear Governor Dayton,

While Not Many Americans Make Minimum Wage, Those Who Do Suffer For It

While Not Many Americans Make Minimum Wage, Those Who Do Suffer For It

While I appreciate reading about your bill to increase minimum wage, I am disturbed by the fact that your bill will take two years to fully come to fruition.


Unfortunately, our business society is aimed at having the lowest expenditures possible at the expense of our own people.
The minimum wage function is broken. If it kept up with inflation, it would currently be $10.10 per hour. But the federal government has gone corrupt, paid off by the corporations to give up on the little guys.

Even $9.50 an hour is arguably not a living wage. My hope is that all states or the federal government will raise the minimum wage to over $10 per hour and see food stamp and welfare recipient enrollment numbers drop, at the expense of $1.50 menuĀ  prices at McDonald’s, $12-priced jeans at Wal-Mart and, perhaps, a million dollars less in salary for CEOs.

But regardless of all that, I thank you for your attempt to help and request that you expedite the increase to be required sooner, like by the end of this calendar year.

Your residents and non-residents alike will thank you and appreciate the true public service!


Rachel L. Arbeit


Dear Mitch McConnell

Dear Mr. McConnell,

Truth Be Damned. GOP Agenda Forever!

Truth Be Damned. GOP Agenda Forever!

Please do not speak useless rhetoric about President Obama being against women because poverty has been increased… something your party is more responsible for with your anti-raising the minimum wage and anti-equal pay legislation!