Dear Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

To Whom It May Concern:

I see your firm works with class action suits. While I don’t really understand the law enough to know if this really qualifies – and it probably doesn’t and/or doesn’t appeal to your interest because there’s no monetary compensation the be gotten by this, I’d like to request you consider a suit against “news” websites that post opinion in a misleading matter, where it can be easily mistaken for fact.

I feel strongly that the internet as we know if would benefit from a little law. Perhaps websites that market themselves as news should watermark pages with “fact” or “opinion” as they apply to the content in the article. This should help make it so that misinformation cannot be easily confused with properly cited facts.

A better informed society is a better society. Lawyers can be very effective applying warnings and putting requirements of standards in place, which is why I seek your assistance in this matter.

Kindly consider the cause.


Rachel L. Arbeit

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