Dear Ergobaby

To Whom It May Concern:

Ergo Carrier - Infant [NOTE: My baby is cuter than that baby, that woman is better looking than I am - not that it matters, just so you know]

Ergo Carrier – Infant [NOTE: My baby is cuter than that baby, that woman is better looking than I am – not that it matters, just so you know]

Thank you so much for having such a terrific product! You’ve made my first months of having a baby in New York City (NYC) terrific. Being able to parent hands-free is tremendously helpful.

Because I have an Ergo front backpack thing (frontpack?), I can roam the streets of NYC with both of my hands available. This means I can walk and talk on the phone, I can hold a coffee I order, pay for that coffee without putting the brakes on a stroller and then embarrassingly forgetting to un-brake it after (“why won’t thing move?”).

But most importantly, the Ergo carrier (or Zack Galifianakis holder thing, as I like to call it sometimes) is key for riding the subway.

If I were to dare to take a stroller on the subway, I would:

A) Have to either ride in the toilet that goes up and down in the station (also known as the elevator)


B) Somehow carry a giant stroller up and down stairs WITH a baby in it… challenges to this include: being stronger than I am, not tipping the stroller over, and not taking up the whole staircase so that all the other travelers hate me. I see prevailing at these challenges as an impossible feat.

Thankfully, with the carrier, I just strap on baby and walk, like a normal human!

When entering a NYC subway train car with a stroller, one is greeted as though they’re moving in. “Way to bring all your stuff!” Eyeroll. It’s like rolling on a cart of all your belongings. Ugh.

But with the baby in my Ergo pouch, it’s like I’m pregnant, but no one has to worry if I’m maybe just fat, because the baby is on the outside! I’ve been offered my seat, people are warm and friendly and nice. Plus, since baby covers most of my torso, no one can see that I’ve transitioned seamlessly from baby bump to beer belly!

Thanks, Ergobaby! I can rock Mom life in NYC with ease.

Rachel L. Arbeit

P.S. One woman stopped me when I was walking to ask if the baby could breathe in there. I should have said, “no, obviously not,” right? Cause there aren’t stupid questions, just stupid people.


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