Dear McDonalds

Dear McDonalds,

Arches Are Only Golden for the Top Level Executives... they're made of cheap floppy fries for the rest

Arches Are Only Golden for the Top Level Executives… they’re made of cheap floppy fries for the rest

Please consider being proactive and raising wages for low-level employees before you are forced to do so. It’ll be good PR and it won’t ruin your business.

Even if your CEO can’t stand to pay himself less than $9 million a year, this can work.Kindly consider giving your line-level employees a raise to over $10 per hour. If doing so causes prices to rise to more like $5+ for a meal, rest assure that your speed, convenience, gloriously salty fries and still cheap food will keep the crowds coming.

Starbucks has a product that is arguably worse than Dunkin’ Donuts, but people have no problem paying a bit more to patronize a place that is known to take care of its workers, be somewhat socially conscious and provide a nice, clean environment.

McDonalds has done a good job of keeping locations clean and full of coffee. The next step is simple, attract those whose are interested in being customers of businesses that aren’t entirely, blatantly evil.

Thank you for thinking about this idea. If you change your ways to better take care of people, I will return to consuming your food product when very hungover and I will stop calling you McDick’s.


Rachel L. Arbeit

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