Dear New York Assemblymen Gottfried,

Dear New York Assemblymen Gottfried,

Recycling is Good!

Recycling is Good!

I am writing to request that the New York State Bottle Deposit be raised to 10 or 15 cents.

It’s time for bottle deposit rates to adjust for inflation (as this amount has not risen since New York State Returnable Container Law was implemented 31 years ago!). Higher bottle deposit rates will encourage New Yorkers to recycle and/or pursue more environmentally friendly options than bottles and/or cans.

Plus, many New York City homeless people provide a valuable service to this city by collecting recyclables from the garbage, as they are often discarded into since there are not a lot of street recycling opportunities available. The homeless are assisting the recycling needs of the city without proper compensation, which is not fair to them and their hard work.
Kindly work to fulfill your public service duties and raise the bottle deposits to a rate that makes sense for 2014 and will adjust in the future automatically so I don’t have to write another letter like this in 5 years. Thanks!

Rachel L. Arbeit


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