Dear FCC

Dear FCC,

FCC: F***ing Consumers Constantly

FCC: F***ing Consumers Constantly

I’m writing to try to encourage you not to end net neutrality. Unfortunately, because I’m not a lobbyist and have no money to line your pockets with, my request will likely be ignored.

As a former cable and wireless industry lobbyist, Commissioner Tom Wheeler will likely ignore the every man’s cry for a fair playing field because our government is corrupt.

But if there’s anyone left in government, anyone reading this, maybe capable of remembering their life before they sold their soul for a stack of cash, please know that they average American doesn’t want the income inequality in this country to expand. If small businesses are stuck in the slow lane of the internet, they will not be able to compete with big businesses like Facebook, Google and Netflix, thus punishing a potentially better option.

Tom Wheeler: Former Corrupter, Current Captain of Corruption

Tom Wheeler: Former Corrupter, Current Captain of Corruption

A free market benefits consumers, while monopolies do not. This is an old lesson that we’ve learned years ago, yet the America today doesn’t want to learn from the past, just profit from the future.

Kindly consider acting on behalf of the people of this country, as your job requires you to do, and allow U.S. citizens to access all internet content in one open way: through the 1-2 providers we have to choose from since the cable/internet provider industry is monopolized. In short, please let net neutrality live because we are already screwed by our lack of choice in the internet provider market.

Thank you!

Rachel L. Arbeit

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