Dear United Airlines

To Whom It May Concern:

I hate you so much right now.Waiting at the Gate at SFO for hrs

United flight UA1275 on May 26 was first delayed due to inbound aircraft because United doesn’t allow enough scheduled time between flights, then eventually we learned that the plane was further delayed due to “special cleaning needs.”

Apparently, someone vomited on the inbound aircraft. While airlines used to provide a vomit bag in every seat pocket, they do not anymore (likely due to cheapness). It took the cleaning crew quite a while to work on this situation, with debate over if we would switch to another aircraft or not being floated around. There was an aircraft in the gate adjacent to ours, but the powers that be dragged their feet on the decision, paid off three volunteers because they “closed the row” and then, eventually, boarded us.

The gate agents were missing during the duration of this delay, leaving passengers waiting in frustration, listening to phones ringing at the gate with no one there to answer.

The crew in general gave off the sense that they could not care less. There was no extra sense of “we’re here for you and are going to board efficiently” or anything.

Plus, I got to sit in the row in front of where the sickness was and the smell was absolutely disgusting.

This was one of the least pleasant airline experiences I’ve ever had and I will never fly United again.

Please keep this message for your records so that when you file for bankruptcy again you can understand a bit of why and how it happened.



Rachel L. Arbeit


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