Dear Co-workers

To Whichever Co-workers need the refresher course,

I’ve covered this topic before… about how soda can explode when you change their temperature dramatically, about how you will forget that you put your soda in the freezer (or in today’s case, moved it from the freezer to the fridge)… this morning’s lengthy cleanup made me feel I should send another reminder.

The Science of Soda: A Course I May Have to Teach in the Kitchen of My Office

The Science of Soda: A Course I May Have to Teach in the Kitchen of My Office

Carbonated beverages do not react well to drastic temperature changes! Moving a can from the freezer (a place you shouldn’t put soda cans – see previous e-mails I’ve written), to the refrigerator is an example of this. In general, liquids expand when they’re heated or placed in a warmer environment than previously stored in. As it gets warmer or defrosts too quickly, it takes up more room. If the can is sealed, eventually, trying to expand more and more, the pressure will build up until the can bursts.

These science experiments do not seem to be working (re: learning), so I kindly request AGAIN that we keep soda is kept out of the freezer.

Also, if you ordered something on Amazon Prime a couple days ago, please come retrieve your package. In the future, you may want to put your name in the shipping information field.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Rachel L. Arbeit


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