Dear NFL

Dear NFL,

Like many other NFL fans, I was surprised to find out that running back Darren Sproles found out about the Saints plan to release him via Twitter (and he seems like such a nice guy, too). It’s disappointing that a professional league doesn’t require its teams to have more personal and respectful ways of communicating with their players.

I would like to suggest that the NFL encourage or even perhaps require teams to have employees whose responsibility it is to be in touch with players and kindly inform them of the status of their employment. While no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, some people (myself included), are willing to do so for standard compensation. Most businesses have a department for this called, Human Resources (candy sold separately).

Twitter: It's Not Just for ESPN Interns To Do Research On Anymore

Twitter: It’s Not Just for ESPN Interns To Do Research On Anymore

In fact, I am more than willing to work for the NFL in a Team Contact Liaison role, as means to develop and manage every team’s communication systems. I can do this job for $50,000 a year, or .113% of Roger Goodell’s salary (if you’re looking for a place in the budget for this).

If the NFL values having the respect of its fans, treating its players with the dignity they deserve and being job creators as rich organizations should be, this is a terrific idea that should be implemented as soon as possible.

Kindly consider creating and hiring me for this Team Contact Coordinating Liaison position. I will do such a great job because I feel like good sportsmanship shouldn’t just be an on-the-field thing.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon… like maybe by the end of the day?


Rachel L. Arbeit

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