Dear Ghost Bikes

To Whom It May Concern:

A Ghost Bike Thingy

A Ghost Bike Thingy

While I appreciate your sentiment, the ghost bike memorial bicycle on the spot with a sign reading “Cyclist Struck Here” thing needs to be discontinued.

It’s sad and it’s depressing.

If we put memorials where every single person has died, no one would be able to go anywhere without feeling like they’re in a cemetery, which would kill those who adhere to the old wives tale about holding your breath while you pass a graveyard.

Isn’t there a more proactive way to improve bike rider safety? Like, can’t the money be spent on making efforts to require drivers to better incorporate the ability to share the road with cyclists? Or lobby lawmakers to make harsher punishments for vehicular manslaughter? Or provide free bike helmets for the poor? Or, I dunno, something else.

Please consider a more proactive approach.


Rachel L. Arbeit


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