Dear Bill Simmons,

To Whom It May Concern at Grantland:

Seeing as you came up with the brilliant Challenge Fantasy League, I was wondering if you could help me create an Alternative Statistically Satisfactory (ASS) Fantasy Football League.


Dear Louis CK’s People,

To Whom It May Concern:

Just read about Louis CK developing more shows for FX.

I dabble in the comedy thing and host TriviaTryst bar trivia in NYC. If you are looking for ideas, I think a TriviaTryst drinking pub quiz game show would make for some terrific TV. Sure, the drinking thing may have some liability issues, but we can get some lawyers on that or save money and not give the contestants booze – whichever you want, since you are the boss.

I mean, come on, there have been no new good game shows in a while and I’m sitting on years of hosting experience and questions.

Kindly consider this potentially amazing television opportunity.
Thank you for reading this e-mail!


Rachel L. Arbeit