Dear U.S. Government

To the intern reading this e-mail:

Please can we not get involved with Syria? We waste so much money dropping bombs, why? Cause we can?

Can we please not be Team America World Police?

Can we invest our own money in ourselves? Maybe lead by example? Sure, we don’t kill our own people with chemical weapons, but the American government isn’t great to Americans. That’s why we have such bad poverty and put more people in jail than anywhere else in the world. Instead of giving people opportunity, the American government supports the wealthy and leaves the rest with little tools to figure it out on their own.

Can we please not tell everyone else what to do until we do it well ourselves?

But Diane Feinstein is all, “It’s important to the security of the Middle East and to the security of the world.” Guess what? There’s no security in the Middle East or the world! So just like a “war on terror” is a fight against a concept that will always exist, fighting for “security” is aiming to make real a concept that, sadly, will never exist.

On simpler terms, certainly dropping a bomb is a bad symbol for security, right?

Nothing like saying “don’t kill people” by killing people.

Also, I voted for Obama over McCain and now I’m rooting for McCain to win us not going to Syria? That makes as little sense as the plan to attack Syria.

Please U.S. government… while you’ve never proved trustworthy, I ask you to maybe, just maybe surprise me by not being stupid.



A Lot of Americans