Dear Rick Perry Supporters

Dear Rick Perry Supporters (both of you),

I’m sorry, but I have to report the following story:

At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Rick Perry asked that all of the students in the audience who will be 21-years old by November 12th, support his lazy attempt to represent the Republicans in 2012.

Tastes Better Than Foot in the Mouth!

“I’m just happy he stayed awake for the whole thing,” Perry’s campaign manager told reporters.

At the Institute of Politics at New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm’s College, Rick Perry didn’t have his usual “I forgot the third list of departments I don’t want anymore” blackout, but a double wrong request.

“I think it was a slip because he wants people to be 21 years of age to vote. This way they can go out and get drunk before they do or do not show their support for him.” One analyst explained. “That way if he doesn’t get enough votes, he can blame the public for being too intoxicated to use proper judgement… on November 12th… six days after the actual voting will occur.”

Number of Big Time Blunders for Perry So Far (NOTE: Number is 35 fewer than the number of people who claim to have been sexually harassed by Herman Cain)

Since he was at Saint Anselm’s, Perry turned to God. He asked the Lord to simplify life by making gambling, drinking, smoking and voting all for those of the same age.

“There’s a lot of thinking to be done when you run for President and I don’t know if Perry’s the thinking kind of guy,” a professor at the college explained.

The meeting ended when a student asked Perry how old you have to be to run for President. Perry shrieked, said he needed to use the phone, and ran off stage.

Perry enthusiasts, this won’t bring you down. But it should.




Rachel L. Arbeit


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