Dear “Dr.” Keith Ablow

Dear “Dr.” Keith Ablow,

Chaz Bono, the “transsexual” woman who will appear on the upcoming season of a one of the least important television shows of all time, “Dancing with the Stars,” which has made people like yourself publicly spew hatred.

I advise people to not allow themselves to consider you a doctor  or any other such voice of reason, knowledge or authority.

Here’s why: Many of the people who might be reading your opinion will be subjecting themselves to homophobia, illogical nonsense and general haterade. Some will be girls becoming upset with dramatic close-mindedness in our society. Some will be boys coming to terms with the fact that Fox is Jesus’ networks. Young readers will see that our country is opposing civil rights to the LGBT community.

The last thing people in this country need, as they continue to face economic troubles and wrestle with the fact that we’re still involved in wars we have no business being in, is to be subjected to your fear of those who are different.

It is a toxic and unnecessary byproduct of the tragic publication that dozens of people who read your words will have to ponder this question (that’s not actually a question): Maybe anyone can say they’re a doctor. Maybe my problems really stem from the fact that I believe people’s profession to be as they say it is. Maybe I’m not gullible; I’m just deceived! Maybe I’m being told what to think because I’m foolishly seeking wisdom from the internet/Fox News. Maybe I’m not just uncertain about the voices of authority. Maybe I’m getting brainwashed! Maybe all this angst and suffering I’m being exposed to isn’t just because I’m looking at the wrong articles, but because it’s wrong to remove oneself from the 19th century— when things made sense!

It would be wrong to think that gender dysphoria cannot be kindled by celebrating those who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery. Human beings do model one another—in terms of emotion, thought and behavior. By broadcasting, applauding and mainstreaming the journey of a very disordered person who endured, and likely will continue to endure, real suffering based on extraordinarily deep psychological problems, we suggest that that journey is a smart—even heroic—one to take.

The truth is that you should be pitied and treated like a someone who does not understand basic concepts. Any contribution you make to the world should be disapproved of as it would be for any other person.

But Chaz Bono should not be the poster child of your biased views for asserting she is a man (and goes about behaving like more of one than you) any more than you should think you have the right to tell anyone how they should live their life.

Chaz Bono should not be subjected to prejudice rhetoric any more than someone who, tragically, believes that he’s a doctor, rather than an idiot, and is allowed to keep his certifications. If only the ABPN would acquiesce, all would be well.

There are such people like you, by the way. Do you want them exalted, too, rather than commiserated with? Do you want your children thinking that if they suffer a delusion that they are better off being disgusted, that that means they should voice their bigotry? Or would you prefer that they relate to core values of fairness, respect and tolerance—even if those principles are lost on the Fox News community? Would you not prefer that they try to have regard for others before embracing discrimiation?

It would be wrong to think that gender dysphoria—discomfort with one’s gender—must always end either in misery, sexual reassignment surgery of “Dancing with the Stars”. It can end with coming to terms with deep psychological conflicts that are fueling the gender dysphoria, and releasing those frustrations through an attack on, say, Chaz Bono (or whomever you’re envious of).

“Dancing with the Stars”, featuring Chaz Bono, takes the view that reality television is allowed to feature people. It’s position is that Chaz Bono’s chemically and surgically altered appearance is allowed to be seen by all, a triumph on par with the triumphs achieved by the heroes of the Civil Rights movement.

That’s if you can tell that he isn’t biologically a he. It’s a psychologically destructive myth that the public would be able to tell otherwise if it weren’t so well documented/publicized.

You went on a whole thing about how you’d treat someone who has no interest in being treated by you. Chaz Bono didn’t come to you for help. He didn’t ask for your opinion. But when she decided to promote gender reassignment surgery in the media as a happy triumph, she ended up getting your attention anyhow. Because you’re jealous, too.

So, here it is. One woman’s opinion, sure to have already wasted a lot of my time, but reward me with the certainty that I am stating what’s true: If you care about the public, don’t let them be subjected to your bullshit.



Rachel L. Arbeit



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