Dear World Wide Web Enthusiasts,

Dear World Wide Web Enthusiasts,

This just in! Craigslist: It’s Not Just For Rape Anymore!

While Craigslist has been used as a tool for such terrible crimes as murder, rape and rape/murder, some say the website can assist in finding legitimate housing and employment opportunities.

For Some It's Good, For Some It's Bad, But For All - It's Ugly

Although a dozen or so dead people would disagree if they could, the public classified website Craigslist can benefit job and apartment seekers as well as shoppers.

People who aren’t set up to be victims of crime through strategically placed usually fairly perverted advertisements have been able to find real jobs that pay actual money, actual housing that is true to its description and actual items for sale for money. It’s like the website actually does what it’s supposed to do most of the time for most of the people.

Still, many skeptics and skeptical about the .org and many nay-sayers say nay… leaving the good stuff to a smaller pool of searchers who likely resent that this positive publicity may drive more people to the site. Note for the aforementioned loyal group of Craigslist users: Don’t worry, no one reads this site! They’re all looking for crap on Craigslist!!!

Here are some answers to common Craigslist questions:

Q: Who uses Craiglist and why?
A: A lot of people because a lot of people have heard of it.

Q: Do love seekers on real dating websites like eHarmony get sexually assaulted?
A: Any eHarmony sex crime is between the victim and Jesus, but eHarmony users should be happy to know that at least it won’t be gay.

Q: Are there still scams on Craiglist?
A: Of course! Where there are people to take advantage of, there are people taking advantage of them. To find out more, please send me a check made out to cash for your entire life savings!

If you don’t want your mouth to hurt from being a sucker, here are some tips for navigating this network of online communities.

Tips for recognizing the better ads on Craigslist:

  • GENERAL: Read the entire ad. If it makes sense and is interesting, consider proceeding. If it doesn’t make sense or seems like it just can’t be, resist the overwhelming urge to e-mail a stranger your credit card information and social security number.
  • JOBS: A link to a company’s website gives you more details about the opportunity as well as proving that the business isn’t so sketchy that they won’t reveal their identity.
  • HOUSING: If an address if provided but doesn’t exist, the place doesn’t exist either.
  • PERSONAL/HOUSING: If there’s lingo or acronyms you’re not familiar with, it’s probably a fetish or hobby you’re not into.

    You Either Know What This Is or You Don't... Or You Think You Do, But You Doubt Yourself on Everything

    • GENERAL: Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation are signs that someone somewhat respectable/professional/not that drunk placed the ad.

Warning signs for potentially dangerous ads on Craigslist:

  • The words “at your own risk”… this implies there’s a risk that you probably shouldn’t take
  • The words “rape fantasy”… this is not a real term, no one actually has a “rape fantasy,” the correct word for such concept is “nightmare”
  • The words “realtor fee”… these lazy jerks will politely try to steal a percentage of your annual rent after lying to you about the place in one way or another

This public service announcement-like message has either helped or not helped. Just like Craigslist!

Rachel L. Arbeit


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