Dear Strangers in NYC

Dear Strangers in NYC,

Please stop fearing me.
I have a Victoria’s Secret credit card from all the bachelorette/bridal shower gifts I’ve bought for the 86 weddings I’ve been to in the past year or so. It’s cool, they send me coupons and other such promotional stuff to try to get me to go to their store more, which is an effective business tactic.

In changing purses to match my outfit this morning, I noticed a coupon for a free panty and a coupon for $10 off a bra, set to expire today!

Lucky for me, there’s a Victoria’s Secret store across the street from my work. I stopped by to pick up my free panty and decided I didn’t want/need/feel like getting a bra. Not wanting to waste the coupon, I notice a nearby shopper with a bra in her shopping bag. I kindly asked her if she planned on purchasing the brassiere, and, if so, if she wanted the coupon, which I presented to her.

This nice gesture was just totally beyond her. She wanted to know why I didn’t want it, if I wanted money for it and then what she should do with it. This woman was completely baffled through my explanation of a simple “would rather not just throw this thing away” logic/random act of kindness at no inconvenience at all to myself.

I know my 5’2″ body is intimidating and I appear as a shadeball who cannot be trusted, but do not resist the attempted good deed.

Tis the season… right?


Rachel L. Arbeit


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  1. You are out to ruin the reputation of New Yorkers. On the other hand, I have to believe the “Stranger” was a New Yorker, anyone else would have understood and appreciated it right away, but all New Yorker s are born skeptics.

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