Dear Priscilla of Boston

Dear Priscilla of Boston,

I hate you.

Charging a lot of money does not yield a good product. Not only is the dress I ordered amazingly ugly, but it is ill-fitting and made of cheap fabric. I ordered this dress back in May, since my bride friend is a Queen of Organization & Planning. However, I did not receive the dress until late-September, a mere two weeks before the wedding. This caused me to urgently rush the needed alterations. I don’t know how many size 4 ladies are 5’10”, but I’m not, requiring quite the hem job.

Let me take a moment to tell you how unsightly this dress is (Style VY1609M). Aside from looking like a long pillowcase, the curtain-like affect by the stomach makes any woman look wide around the hips. Plus, this feature looks like a vaginal hood, not far above the vaginal hood. If only they didn’t take pictures at these weddings, but they do.

So for the rip off price of over $200, I am now the unhappy owner of this eye sore. Sure, the bride picked it out, but you should be ashamed of yourselves for having this garment in your inventory at all.

Rachel Arbeit


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