Dear Hasbro

Dear Hasbro,

My friends and I very much enjoy your most terrifically fun game, electronic Catch Phrase. We have all the versions you make: regular, Catch Phrase Junior and Catch Phrase’s Music Edition. Unfortunately, this is still not enough Catch Phrase.

Electronic Catch Phrase by Hasbro

Even with over 10,000 phrases on the original and the other varieties, I know Catch Phrase too well now. This game seems simple to make, so I’d like to request you produce a new version each year. Beyond more general categories, you may want to have other special editions that include, but are not limited to: movies, television, sports, politics/law, and history.

If you’d like, you can hire me to write the words and phrases. I’m a Freelance Freelancer available for this type of project. E-mail me!

Also, please note that I’m a shareholder and customer… so this is feedback from both sides!

Thank you for your consideration on this very important and time sensitive issue.

Rachel L. Arbeit


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  1. I hope you sent this to Hasbro!!!

  2. i accidentally came to this pagee..I so hope u sent it to them!!

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