Dear 1-800-Contacts

Dear 1-800-Contacts,

I have a complaint and suggestion. My complaint is that you sent me the wrong prescription. My suggestion is that you hire people who can read.

As you may see by my file, my recent order was wrong. Instead of getting -7.00, I was sent +7.00. I am disappointed, as this is my first problem with 1-800-Contacts in the many years I’ve bought from you.

The incorrect shipment was highly annoying to me, as I had thrown away the last pair of my correct prescription on the silly assumption that my new order was correct. I’ve been stuck in glasses while I wait for the correct pair to be overnighted to me, a process that, somehow, will take two days.
In an attempt not to scream at an innocent customer service representative, I opted for the Live Chat. This was, seemingly, helpful.

How it takes a day to process an order that was already processed is beyond me. Clearly (pun! ha!), the sense of urgency I conveyed was not appreciated or respected.

The rep apologized. I asked how this went through, since the prescription needs to be checked with my doctor, a built-in double check to the ordering system. I was informed, however, that because my doctor didn’t get back to 1-800-Contacts in a timely fashion, they just filled the order (incorrectly) anyway.  Awesome. Good to know.

The rep assured me that she would do what she could to get the correct lenses out that day and would e-mail me a confirmation. Since it was the morning, this seemed like no problem. I gave her the address to send the lenses to if she could send them out yesterday, and a different one for if they couldn’t be sent until today.

Today I got an e-mail confirmation that the lenses were shipped today (so much for trying to  get them out in a timely manner) and are going to the wrong address.

I logged onto chat again, where I was asked “How Can We Help You?” I wrote, “you probably can’t”. Today’s rep tried to see if the address could be changed, but who knows. My expectations are foggy.


Rachel L. Arbeit


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