Dear Job Placement Services

Dear Job Placement Services,

I don’t know what’s worse: that I tried to go through you or that New York City firms use your services.


Dear MTA Bus Drivers

Dear MTA Bus Drivers,

Top story on the local news tonight is that you MTA Bus drivers get two months paid time off work for getting spat on… which is your way of spitting on MTA riders.

Next Bus Please, this one has been spit on and needs to recover


Dear Metro North

Dear Metro North,

The 10:23am train to Southeast departed from North White Plains at 10:21am, as I pulled up to the station. I know very few people use the northbound service, but this is unacceptable/infuriating/obnoxious. Please choose whichever adjective you’d like.


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Dear 1-800-Contacts

Dear 1-800-Contacts,

I have a complaint and suggestion. My complaint is that you sent me the wrong prescription. My suggestion is that you hire people who can read.