Dear Nancy Makin

Dear Nancy Makin,

Earlier this week I saw your story on “Good Morning America”, a show I mistakenly thought was about actual news. There you were, shamelessly self-promoting your new book, “703: How I Lost Over a Quarter Ton,” which chronicles your weight loss.

I briefly saw you explain that your weight loss was in a large part due to the increased confidence that you got from being able to socialize over the Internet. Sitting on your ass helped you lose hundreds of pounds. By “socialize over the Internet”, did you mean “get liposuction” or “have my stomach stapled”? Because those make a whole lot more sense.

I watched because one question haunts me most about this: How did you let herself get that huge? Were you in a coma and hooked up to an IV of bacon fat for a decade?

Clearly, you’re going for a role model, motivational role here. But what I want to see is a woman who was 5-10 pounds over her desired weight and lost the pounds by making very minor changes in her life… like cutting her drinking down to 5 days a week. Now that would be an inspirational story!


Rachel L. Arbeit


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