Dear Jeopardy!

Dear Jeopardy!,

Thanks to DVR, I can enjoy your trivia show in 15 minutes whenever I want.


Dear Nancy Makin

Dear Nancy Makin,

Earlier this week I saw your story on “Good Morning America”, a show I mistakenly thought was about actual news. There you were, shamelessly self-promoting your new book, “703: How I Lost Over a Quarter Ton,” which chronicles your weight loss.


Dear Hudson News in Grand Central

To Whom It May Concern:

I learned this morning that you do not sell stamps. Although there is a post office on 45th Street, your location in the middle of Grand Central could still sell stamps.

Stamps, an endangered species, are hard to find nowadays. With the very small amount of space required to carry stamps, combined with the fact that there is a post office drop box right outside the Grand Central location, I suggest you consider keeping stamps in your inventory.

Rachel L. Arbeit

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