Dear Baranettes Bridal

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently ordered a Bill Levitz dress from your company because I’m a bridesmaid and I had to order it. I was instructed to send my measurements in, for what I could only assume would be fit purposes. However, sending in this information was merely a waste of time and effort, because when I received my dress, it was twice the size that I am.
Had I been asked to choose a size, I would’ve picked a 6, since I am generally a 4 or a 6. However, I received a 10 and I’m swimming in it. Like, swimming in an Olympic sized pool swimming.

I don’t know how much weight you expect ladies to gain before a wedding, but this is just ridiculous. All of the bridal party received dresses that were twice their size and now we will all have to pay who knows how much to get these dresses shrunk down to wearable size while somehow by tailoring magic, retaining the shape and cut. My tailor is going to die laughing when he sees this dress compared the measurements he took of me. I, on the other hand, will die crying when I see what he charges me.

Clearly, your bridal shop doesn’t care that the wedding dress world is a pain already, and wants to ensure the entire process is as horrendous as possible.


Rachel Arbeit
Freelance Freelancer

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