Dear Bunim-Murray Productions

Dear Bunim-Murray Productions,

By no means should I still be watching MTV’s The Real World. But I didn’t invent DVR, and I didn’t expect to have so much free time available to me. Also, I’ve managed to watch almost all of the seasons between watching with my sister all through high school and with my friends when the Real World entered the Skinamax market by filming a season in Las Vegas. Plus, the Real World/Road Rules Challenges have kept me in.

Nevertheless, I watch the damn show and there has not been a single cool girl in a really, really long time. Maybe since Jamie from the San Diego Season in 2004, which is around when Mary-Ellis Bunim lost her battle with cancer. Perhaps Jonathan Murray needs a powerful female co-producer to add a woman’s touch and bring some decent ladies to the show.

Since San Diego, there have been interesting girls, even the occasional tolerable girl, but no cool girls. No one that was likable and reasonable. At least on the Jersey Shore the balance of ridiculousness and satire means that those girls are amusing, although usually unintentionally.

Jamie is hot, but also cool.

It’s been interesting to see that every once in a while, when MTV takes a quick ride around the lot on their moral high horse, they have lowered the bar to how these girls have to look. This makes it even more curious of an issue. If MTV is allowing to cast more normal looking girls, shouldn’t they have better access to cast some normal behaving girls? I know you have to fail three stability tests, a logic quiz and general sanity exam before describing at least a dozen events from your life that could have gotten you on the Jerry Springer Show, but aren’t some cool girls interesting, too?

Obviously, the existence of Sarah Palin has put a lot of points on the female uselessness board, which is unfair. I didn’t tell Alaska to release a lethal lady demon out of the wild to the lower forty-eight, but the stupid eskimos did it anyway. Should reality television fall to this just because it falls to everything else? I hope not! This is why I suggest to you, Bunim-Murray Productions, to please consider casting some reasonable, normal, cool girls on your shows.

Thank you for considering this.


Rachel L. Arbeit


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