Dear Metro North

Dear Metro North,

I am writing to complain about service this morning, February 15th, 2010. Like other humans that are imperfect, I was running late for the 10:23am train out of North White Plains. I ran up the stairs, purchased my ticket from the machine and looked for information about what track my northbound train would be arriving on.

As it is a holiday, there was no one working. As Metro North only features electronic signs at some stations, there was no sign to look at. I did, however, see that trains to Southeast and Wassaic were on one track, while trains to White Plains and Grand Central were on the other side.

I could see the train heading north, coming into the middle track, accessible by both platforms. Watching herds of people walk down to the southbound side, I figured I’d follow the crowd down.

The train stopped, but only doors on the other side opened. I knocked on the door and looked for a conductor. Even though the train was there for almost two minutes, the doors on my side did not open and no conductor was to be found. The train pulled away, leaving me in North White Plains to wait an hour for another train.

As it turned out, a southbound train pulled in right after my northbound train departed, explaining why others had run to that platform. I, however, do not memorize the entire Metro North schedule, so I did not realize that following the crowd was such a bad idea.

Either way, I do not at all even a little understand why both doors can’t open when the train pulls into a station with platforms on both sides. Clearly, Metro North believes that I didn’t deserve to make the train as a mere mortal who was mislead by an unfamiliar station.

In conclusion, I lost an hour of my day because Metro North can’t be bothered to train their conductors to consider any level of customer service at all.

Thanks a lot,
Rachel L. Arbeit

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  1. You tell them. I had a similar thing happen in Pleasantville about 18 months ago when only 2 doors on the entire train opened in spite of there being 6 doors next to the platform.

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