Dear Pitkin County Courthouse

Dear Pitkin County Courthouse,

Please fine Brooke Mueller for violating Colorado’s imposed restraining order which prohibits communication. Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s third wife, has been using the media to send messages to her husband.

Although Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are forbidden by law to communicate in the wake of their domestic situation, they are fully able to communicate with each other and are doing so. Brooke Mueller is using the media to let her man/accused abuser know that she wants to reconcile.

The selfish reason I am making this request is because I don’t want to read about Brooke Mueller being one of three things: another pathetic woman who goes back to an abuser for more, a gold digger who wants to go further into Sheen’s wallet regardless of the consequences or a drama queen who exaggerated to the police. She’s probably a mix of all three. No matter what it is, she’s making women look bad when she’s married to Charlie Sheen. Pigs have flown.

In this difficult economy, courts needs to be slapping fines on any and all flagrant disregard to policy. Consider it a bailout program. I’m sure you need the money as much as Charlie Sheen needs hookers. Go ahead and be strict. Sure the rules are designed to protect the victim, but if she filed false charges, than the State of Colorado and its time are the real victims.

The standard domestic violence bond conditions prohibit consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs; and no possession of guns or other weapons. There is absolutely no way that Charlie Sheen can abstain from such pleasures for a full month. Get someone on him and fine away!


Rachel L. Arbeit


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