Dear Degree

Dear Degree,

For years I’ve been an advocate of spray deodorant. It double as air freshener and you can share it without feeling disgusting.

I live with a boy, and the primary goal when living with nature’s fork-lift is to keep the abode conducive to good hygiene in any and all ways possible, without invading too seriously into the daily habits and, say, brushing his teeth for him.

The difficult part of the plan is that I have to shop for a brand, type, make/model of antiperspirant that is gender neutral so that both beauty and beast can enjoy the dry sweetness of underarm freedom out of the same spray can.

Choosing a gender neutral product is important because man needs to be able to look at the bathroom dwelling item and think, “Is this acceptable to me, as I have [lost/eaten/killed/flushed] my stick of deodorant and failed to visit one of the hundreds of [Rite Aid/Duane Reade/CVS/Walgreens/any grocery or corner convenient store] in walking distance of this dwelling? Perhaps I will spray myself with this instead of using nothing and wondering why a certain sticky stench occupies the air around me after several hours of being out and about.”

Well, “this” can’t be some kind of Secret or Dove, diary/peaceful bird attempted serenity brand, as much as the scent cannot be “powder fresh”, “summer breeze”, “flowery sunshine” or any other estrogen aroma that can be confused with a type of feminine douche. But it also cannot be Old Spice, Axe, Maxim, Silver Bullet man smell because I am the daily user of such deodorant and need not to smell like a being of testosterone and masculinity.

Degree seems to be a good option, except that even Degree leans towards categorizing products by men, women or girls. What happened to boys is beyond me.

Please consider Degree’s spray use alternatives by offering gender neutral scents, bottle designs, and brand names. Take a few minutes to consider your product line versatility appropriately: some of us are trying to keep ourselves and our men stink-free and dry pitted.


Rachel L. Arbeit

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