Dear Wachovia

November 23rd, 2009

Dear Wachovia,

I will have no more of this “play of the game” decided with two minutes left when the game is still in the process of being blown. Two minutes in an NFL game is about twenty real-time minutes, which is a long time. Plus, the play of the game was not the Boss touchdown that was played on the jumbotron, it was the coin toss that gave the Giants the ball first in OT.

I understand that you don’t trust viewers to watch the game after it’s over for any post-game anything, including identifying your favorite moment. Especially after a bad football game, I look away from the ugly as soon as it stops. But there has to be a better way for Wachovia to remind emotional sports fans that they have banking needs.

If it makes you feel better (if I made you feel bad), you are not the only company that has advertising issues.

Why does Heinz sponsor the Red Zone at Giants Stadium? There is no other ketchup, really. Heinz dominates the popular condiment and is the largest provider. I think that someone else should jump on the sponsorship opportunity there. Perhaps it could be the Big Red “Chew It Out” Zone, the N.R.A. “Out for Blood” Zone, or the Red Roof “Get it Inn” Zone.

Maybe you, Wachovia, can be the “Get Out of the Red Zone with as much as Possible” Zone. What’s great is how current it is.

You can thank me at a later date.

Rachel L. Arbeit


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