Dear Dress for Success

July 22nd, 2007

Dear Dress for Success,

My grandmother recently passed. For the past month or so, I have been assisting in the distribution of Nana’s stuff. Nana has left this world with boxes upon boxes upon boxes of fake eyelashes.

Because I could not find an organization for Drag Queens in Need, I’ve decided to contact you, my 2nd choice. If it would actually assist your low-income ladies in dressing properly and professionally for interviews, I would like to offer hundreds of dozens of fake eyelashes to the cause.

Please note that I am unsure if fake eyelashes are of any help to your ladies and would not be offended at all if you reject this donation offer. However, you are a non-profit and you probably shouldn’t reject anything. You can figure out a way to use a product that makes mascara look like the minor leagues.

Side note: Do you get the Roxette song stuck in your head every time you answer the phone over there? May as well just make it your theme song. Fun things like television shows, radio shows, and video games have theme songs. Perhaps you can take charity to the next level by adding appropriate music.

Rachel L. Arbeit


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